59 Tournament Fishing Club in Puerto Vallarta


Great was the feast of the fishermen in the Bay of Banderas, where the eighth Marlin and Tuna Fishing Tournament 2014 was held, and where the first place winner in the major marlin species was the team lead by Ana Maria commandeered by Mark Martin.

Around 33 teams or boats took part in the Banderas Bay Fishing Tournament; records were made in the Yacht Club Hotel Paradise Village, where in addition to soft drinks there were also snacks to start the party.

The fishing was plentiful and during the competition there were many movements in positions, especially in Sailfish, where most captures came, the were two specimens of Marlin but one of excellent size, a nice Dorado over 14 kilos and only some Tuna but no catches.

The Fishing Club, chaired by Mr. David Zaragoza, lawyer, more than satisfied his convention and was very pleased with the number of participants and the great atmosphere experienced in the weighing area, at the Hotel Paradise Village amphitheater.

As noted before, the champion of the marlin category was the Ana Maria team with a specimen of 218,600 kilograms which earned them the prize de 60 thousand dollars, while the second place was for the La Nonna team with an animal weighing 100,600 kilograms. By the way, in the Nonna Team participated Teo Poffet a boy who received a special award for capturing a Dorado of little more than five kilos.

In the type of Dorado, the Cielito Linto team, Cassandra brought the boar a fine specimen of 14.5 kilos. We arrive to the category of sailfish where in the first place was the Lucina III team, who went to the top of the standings with 39.600 kilograms; in the second place the Beluga team finished with a record of 32,400 kilograms, the Liliana team took third place with 28,500 kilograms; fourth the Why Wouldn´t We team ended up with 28,100 pounds and Veluga finished in fifth place with 27,900 kilograms.

Winners 2014

Fishing party ended and was the winner Opequimar