Rules for Fishing Tournament

  1. This tournament is open to all TEAMS that are properly registered and are committed to following all rules of the tournament, to comply with the provisions of the Judge, the Honour and Justice Committee, and the rules set by the Ley General de Acuacultura y Sustentables and Secretary of Communications and Transport.

    Limits of catches by Sport Fishing Regulations in México: 10 catches per day per fisherman with the following quota limits per species:
    1. Not more than five fish of any one species.
    2. Regarding Marlins, Sailfish, Swordfish and Shark, the maximum limit for each sport fisherman will be of one specimen per day; any catch of these species is to be considered equivalent to five specimens of any other.
  2. Sports fishing and navigating licenses are the responsibility of the participants and the proceedings before the proper authorities.

  3. Each party will consist of a maximum of four fishermen, although teams are allowed to register with a smaller number of participants. There is no restriction on the number of guests.

    Each team will designate a captain to represent the team.
  4. Species that qualify are: MARLIN, SAILFISH, TUNA and MAHI-MAHI.
  5. In an effort to protect species, only MARLIN OF OVER 100 KGS, SAILFISH OF MORE THAN 25 KGS, TUNA FOR OVER 30 KGS AND MAHI-MAHI FOR OVER 10 KGS qualify..
  6. We suggest releasing the specimens that, in the opinion of the participants, are below the minimum sizes, there is no penalty if a competitor brings a specimen weighing less than the weight limit.
  7. CHAMPIONS will be declared by species, teams catching the heaviest Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna or Mahi-Mahi. In case of a tie, the taken action will be based on the fish’s size first, its length and then its outline.

    (In this case the action shall be as set by the IGFA rules. If the tie persists, the fish that was registered first will win).

    In the case of SAILFISH and MARLIN teams may also participate in the mode of CATCH AND RELEASE and the winning team with the highest number of catches which came to the boat and released previously have taken a video with date and hour of the catch and release shall be declared.

    Teams wishing to participate in this modality should bring their own digital camera device that can plug in to a computer to copy videos, with clean memory device and its battery charged, which shall be submitted the day of registration (further information will be provided on the day of registration). We recommend using the bait TIP “CIRCLE HOOK” or Japanese-style to make easy the release of sailfish.
  8. In this competition the USE or BRING ABOARD the boat line up of 130 LBS will be allowed ONLY. Resistance Rods and reels are discretion of the fisherman, prohibits the use of electronic throttles. Whenever the Organizing Committee deemed necessary can ask a sample of equipment and fishing line for review to any participant. There is no restriction on the number of rods and reels that you can use in the team or vessel registered.
  9. It is mandatory, to show live-video recorded evidence on the catching of a fish, as in real time and under the following guidelines:
    1. With in competition standards, the catching of fish must be proven by showing a recorded video, either a video camera or a cellphone can be used onsuch.
    2. The filming lenght will include: the catching of thefish, theon-boarding of the piece, the arrival, and thet ournament flag, supplied foreach fishingboat.
    3. The video recordings must be release dont othe Tournament´s Judges Board, at the moment of the logging and presentation of the competitor's catch.
    4. The Boards of Judges shallthoroughly revieweach video and its contents.
    5. The Board of Judges will statetheirmost careful opinion regarding acceptance of rejection for the provided video recordings. They shallretain the rightto in validate the logging and /ortheweighing ticket, and event odisregard the fishing team’sclaim, when solidgrounds of unfairness be found.
  10. IMPORTANT: Each vessel has to remove all the fishing equipment that is not allowed for use, such as double hooks, harpoons and fishing gear that are generally not allowed.
  11. Only a maximum of two (2) simple hooks for a draw along the lines of the IGFA (International Game Fish Association) are allowed. The use of double hooks is forbidden (see picture).
  12. Fish should be caught with bait or lures and will be brought close to the boat without more help than the reel and rod. IT IS FORBIDDEN TO USE Moppers. Only 4.50 meters of double line are allowed and the same tie (leader). The sum of the two shall not exceed 9.00mts. The rod can not rest on the side and no person shall, during the fight of one individual, touch the rod, reel or line of the participant.

    1. To contravene in any way the provisions of these rules.
    2. People outside the team to fit the reel, or any part of the team maneuver while fishing. It is forbidden to grasp the double line. Only allow one crew member to take the tie to bring close the fish alongside the boat. There are no restrictions on the number of people to help get the animal on the boat. IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO USE GAFFS FOR SAILFISH however for other species it is permissible.
    3. To permit persons not registered on the computer to fish on the boat.
    4. Submit any fish not captured by the team in a regulation during the fishing day.
    5. Any fish struck by the propeller (which penetrate or tear the flesh), shark bite, spear, missile, or firearm or any object cutting stitches. BREAKAGE OF BEAKS WILL NOT BE CAUSE FOR DISQUALIFICATION, whatever its cause.
    6. The Organizing Committee will open the specimens that occupy the top three of each day. If a foreign object found in the animal is introduced on purpose to increase their weight, they will be disqualified along with all the team catches on that day.
    7. The participants or vessels who not allow inspection of the ship by the Organizing Committee.
    8. Carry on board any fishing object other than the registered. Just as harpoons, fishnets, formwork and general fishing gear other than those permitted.
    9. If a participant behaves unsportsmanlike or dishonestly in the course of the tournament
    10. Utter physical and/or verbal aggression to Tournament Judge and his assistants may result in disqualification of participants in the tournament. If this happens the case will be submitted to the Honor and Justice Committee who will disqualify participants who engage in such misconduct.
  14. In case of failure of any vessel or because of slowness cannot reach in time due to their specimens being weighted up; they can be transferred to another vessel that should be presented in representation to the judge. In case the boat to render assistance and transportation arrives late to the weighing, this may not be used as an excuse and fishing for both may not be registered.
  15. Contestants must be present at API, the date and time of the inauguration of the tournament to be held at 7:00 am central time of Mexico City, and have to wait out the order of the judge. If any vessel part before shooting out or order out of the dock, fishermen and registered participants will be disqualified from that vessel during that fishing day.
  16. Vessels must report daily departure time the same on return according to the schedule allowed in the program, no vessel is allowed leaving or returning to another point than the official places of departure, the lack of compliance of this rule will disqualify those who engage in it.
  17. The Organizing Committee has the authority to extend, shorten or suspend the tournament for weather situations or any other cause of force majeure.
  18. Acting as judge Captain Cipriano (Pano) Quintero Montes and its rulings are final when presented with a situation not specifically regulated the approach of the Judge and the Honor and Justice Organizing Committee are final.
  19. The weighing of the specimens will begin at 13:00 hrs, ending with the program schedule. It is an obligation of the contestant team, to record their catches. With the permission of the Organizing Committee due to force majeure and justified, specimens may be submitted by another person.
  20. The heaviest fish of each day will be subject to careful scrutiny by biologists and the Judge of the Tournament, so the tickets will be valid after weighing review.
  21. All specimens submitted to weigh will become the property of the Fishing Club, whenever a fisherman wants to mount a specimen the skin will be provided. Every specimen with a minor weigh of the required presented to the Judge will be destined to associations of social benefit.
  22. Any protest of a duly registered participant related to this competition must be submitted by the team captain in writing and signed to the Judge having as a limit 19:00 pm. the same day that the reason is recorded.
  23. For safety of participants there will be maritime surveillance by the Secretary of the Navy, Port Captain, the inspection and fisheries monitory is by personnel of Comisión Nacional de Pesca y Acuacultura. The Organizing Committee under no circumstances can be held responsible for any mishap or accident that might occur to the contestants or boats during the tournament.
  24. Contestants, fishing, boats, captains and crews who are disqualified in the tournament, may be banned from future tournaments organized by the Club de Pesca de Puerto Vallarta A.C., and can be bulletined to other fishing clubs and organizers of other tournaments.
  25. Simple registration and participation in this fishing tournament, binds the participants to read, understand and comply with the rules of this tournament.
  26. The Organizing Committee in its discretion reserves the right to admit any person, vessel or crew who wants to join and participate in the tournament.